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6. Coldplay

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Mylo Xyloto

To celebrate my 14th Birthday I received tickets to my favorite band, “Coldplay.” So I decided to write a review on their performance for my lesson today in class. I went to the Concert on April 27th I think it was and I was full of excitement. It was going to be my first concert. The whole night was a memory I will never forget, They played some of my favorite songs and They had amazing effects the whole night.

A man also attended and wrote his review of the show;

“The band would do just that as it rolled through an utterly professional 100-minute set that was filled with nearly two dozen solid songs and even more cool special effects – including a wonderful laser light show and three different performance spaces, which allowed multiple fans to get up-close views of the group. Opening the show with the title track to “Mylo Xyloto,” and quickly continuing through such longtime fan favorites as “In My Place” and “The Scientist,” Coldplay went for broke on each tune. The band put equal emphasis on both its signature numbers, such as the breakthrough single “Yellow,” and relatively obscure cuts, such as “Lovers in Japan.” While the performance level never varied, the quality of the actual material certainly did. Coldplay has a handful of truly magical compositions, which stand tall among the best alt-rock tunes of the last dozen years, and the ones performed live in San Jose certainly thrilled the 15,000-strong audience. The most memorable ones were the achingly beautiful “Fix You,” the undeniably grand “Viva La Vida” and, of course, “Clocks,” which still ticks with precision and power.”

You can read his whole idea at, Review: Coldplay at HP Pavilion

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